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Baritone Saxophone Pad Set Fits All Mode
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Baritone Saxophone Pads Set All Models

Item Description:

Baritone Saxophone Parts Universal Pads Set All Models. A variety of baritone saxophone pads for emergency repairs or routine maintenance. These are high quality pads - .185 inch Pad Thickness, Leather Covered Woven Wool Felt, Selmer Type Plastic Resonators.

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Universal Baritone Saxophone Pad Set Fits All Models

All Woodwinds - Universal Parts Bari Saxophone

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Currently, we only advertise new Bari Saxophone parts. However, we are always interested in a reasonably priced used Bari Saxophone to part out. If you have a non-working or even a severely damaged Bari Saxophone that nobody has an interest in, a closet Bari Saxophone or even a wall ornament Bari Saxophone or scrap metal Bari Saxophone that you would be interested in selling; Please email us so that we can get it torn apart, buffed and parted out to resell to those that need the Bari Saxophone parts. Email us at orders@thebandroom.biz and help us put an oldy-but-goody Bari Saxophone back into playing condition.

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