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Musical Instrument Rentals
"Rent To Own!"

Rent A Trumpet For Only $29.44 Per Month!
"Rent A Trumpet"

Rent A Trombone For Only $29.44 Per Month!
"Rent A Trombone"

Rent A Flute For Only $29.44 Per Month!
"Rent A Flute"

Rent A Clarinet For Only $29.44 Per Month!
"Rent A Clarinet"

Rent An Alto Saxophone For Only $49.11 Per Month!
"Rent An Alto Saxophone"

The Bandroom Now Offers
Musical Instrument Rentals!

No Credit Check!
No Down Payments!
Discount For Early Pay Off!
Return The Horn Any Time!
No Extra Charges For Returning!
Never Call 1-800 again!

If you have a student getting ready for band next year, and you're tired of searching the web looking for a reasonably priced musical instrument; or if you would just like to get yourself a new horn. Stop Looking! The Bandroom can now make you the proud owner of a nice musical instrument, with 0% financing for up to 36 months! All of our musical instruments are NEW or LIKE NEW! These are quality instruments that are widely accepted by band directors and private instructors. They are certain to last you or your child for many years!

Damage Coverage Included!

Thats right, No Repair Expenses! Think about it, your child will be going to and from school, putting the horn in and out of lockers, rehearsing, etc. A lot can happen to a delicate instrument. If your horn is accidentally damaged (small dent, stuck slide, broken solder joint, stuck mouthpiece, worn spring, broken spring, worn cork, worn pad, etc.), just bring the horn to our store, or ship the horn to us (if you live out of town) and we will repair your horn FREE! If you have a repair problem that will take a little longer to complete, we will provide you with a FREE LOANER INSTRUMENT until all repairs are completed!
Theft Protection Is Also Included!

If your horn is stolen from a locked area and you provide us with a police report, you're covered! We will gladly issue you a replacement instrument and apply 1/2 your rental credits to the replacement instrument. Nobody else offers this!

Our Prices Never Go Up!

Some of our competitors offer up front amazing deals that seem too good to be true. Thatís probably because they are. After reading the fine print you will quickly see that a $5.00 per month horn is actually a horn that isn't very appealing and the price goes up after a few months. You might even show up to the store and get a switch-and-bait, "Oh, we're out of those but let me show you this!" We offer straightforward pricing on great instruments that already include damage coverage, theft protection and sales tax. Most all of our instruments are set up on 24-30 month payment plans depending on the instrument with no increase in pricing once you begin renting.

We Have A Full Service Repair Shop!

When you rent from us, your instrument is automatically covered for accidental damage to the instrument. Unlike some of our competitors, we never send any musical instruments away to another location for repair. All instruments are repaired right in our own shop. Your musical instruments are locked securely in our fully insured repair facility after hours. We service all brands of Woodwind, Brasswind, Strings and Percussion. We also offer on the spot repairs and no additional charge for rush jobs. We also offer fast chemical cleaning services, dentwork and complete woodwind repadding if you already own an instrument. We have over 20,000 parts in stock and ready to go for most any repair.

Step Up Without Spending A Fortune!

Quite often many students progress rapidly and they will STEP UP to the next level. This usually happens when you are 12-18 months into your rental agreement. When a student steps up it forces the parent to return the rental instrument, lose all that they have invested and then pay cash for an even higher priced instrument. DONíT DO IT! We offer a unique step up program that allows you to return your beginner instrument, move all of your equity to a better instrument and still make monthly payments! No other dealer that we know of offers this.

Free Loaner Program!

We promise you that you will eventually need repairs to your instrument no matter what brand or how old it is. If your student doesnít have a horn, they canít participate in class or practice at your home. We feel that the functionality of the studentís instrument is our responsibility when you are renting an instrument from us. With that in mind, we have several loaner instruments so that students can still participate in band class while their instrument is being repaired. This service is also available for most walk-in repairs as well.

Never Call 1-800 Again!

Most music stores rent through large corporations. This means when you have a problem with your instrument or a billing question, you have to call 1-800 and speak to someone that doesn't even know you! Forget it! The Bandroom owns all the instruments! We only rent what we own and we know most all of our customers on a first name basis. When you have a problem, we are just a phone call away! Deal with a local business that has supported our local community and local school band programs for years!

Simply pay your first month of rental and your ready to go play!

Your valid credit/debit card and completed contract is
all the credit you need!

Pay off your instrument early and get credit for all the months you rented plus 10% off the balance due!

1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 2 months!
If you decide to give up on band or lessons, just return it!

No penalties for returning - No penalties for exchanges
No penalties ever!

You can either call us and we will fill out the contract with you over the phone, or drop by our store and fill out the rental agreement and make your first payment.

Each payment is billed to your credit/debit card until the horn is paid off. 100% of each rental payment (less insurances) will be applied to the purchase of the instrument! You can call us anytime for the "discounted" purchase amount.

If you or your child decides to play a different instrument, return the horn and we will gladly exchange the instrument for an instrument of the same rental rate, or you may pay the difference for a more expensive one without losing rental credits!

Rent One Today!

Save 20% On All Accessories!

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